In order to realize our goal of expanding the promise of opportunity in modern society, we engage in core activities in three critical areas: public demand, scalable solutions, and translational science.

Public Demand

Public understanding is essential for affecting change in society. We believe that a shared vision, a common language, and an understanding of what is possible will stimulate organic demand for policies, tools, and products capable of nurturing individual potential and talent. As such, our current work is focused primarily around creating the narrative, language, and communications assets required to lay the foundation for a large-scale cultural campaign (analogous in spirit to the green movement) around the science of the individual and its implications for education, the workforce, and society. 

Scalable Solutions

Our aim is to enable the solutions that drive application of the science into our institutions of opportunity, from education to the workforce. Our current work is focused primarily on the creation of technology standards for education aligned to the science of the individual, as well as the development of an Individual Talent Model that integrates cutting-edge insights from the new science, along with decades of research on talent identification and development, to create a powerful new approach to nurturing individual potential that can be implemented within traditional educational settings.

Translational Science

Our work in science exists at the intersection of translational and applied research, with an emphasis on activities that promote public understanding, maximize impact, and accelerate adoption into institutions of opportunity. Our current work includes a comprehensive landscape analysis of the science of the individual in all relevant fields, and the creation and dissemination of science briefs. Subsequent activities will include the funding of secondary data analysis projects, and the development of an open-source repository for young scholars interested in applying the new science to their respective disciplines.