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For two centuries, we built our whole world to fit the average person
Now science proves that the average person doesn’t exist.
Welcome to Beyond Average.
Beyond Average.
It’s time to create a society that understands and nurtures individuality—so that we transform how each person learns, works, and thrives, and dramatically expand what we can accomplish together for the world.

We are a coalition of committed doers and thinkers dedicated to expanding human potential—for everyone.

Our work is backed by pioneering science led by Harvard neuroscientist Todd Rose at the Center for Individual Opportunity, and supported by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

We offer proven research to help innovators drive real change across education, health, and the workplace. And we campaign to inspire public understanding that individual potential is bigger and more varied than we’ve realized—so people can demand effective solutions to unlock it.

This transformation is already underway. Our mission is to accelerate it—for everyone.

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Learn more about the science of individuality: New York Times bestseller The End of Average.